Community Information, Bulletin Boards & Display Cases

TPL-SER-11_Community Information, Bulletin Boards & Display Cases 

Community Information, Bulletin Boards & Display Cases

The Timmins Public Library serves as an access point for current information on community organizations, issues, events and services.  This policy applies to all materials displayed or distributed on library premises from external organizations, individuals, community groups, agencies, institutions, and government.

1.0 Guidelines for bulletin boards:

  • Posting of materials does not imply Library endorsement of any group, organization, or view;
  • All materials must be submitted to Library staff for approval and will be date stamped;
  • The Library will display and distribute materials in appropriate locations for a limited time subject to space availability;
  • All materials on bulletin boards become the property of the Timmins Public Library and the Library will dispose of materials as it sees fit. The Library does not return unsolicited material or notify a group if their material is not acceptable for any reason, including lack of space;
  • The acceptance of materials may be subject to a maximum size, when available display space is limited;
  • All postings with an event date will be removed after the date has passed;
  • Materials without dates will be removed as space for new material is required and based on date of acquisition.

2.0 Materials acceptable for posting:

Bulletin boards, brochure display areas, and display cabinets are available for posting information.  Due to the limited amount of available space, only material that meets the following criteria will be considered for display.

  • Notices of community interest: non-profit cultural, recreational or educational community events and activities (e.g. concerts, theatre, art gallery);
  • Publicity materials from non-profit or community based organizations, government agencies, the City of Timmins and its agencies or boards (i.e. fundraisers);
  • Publicity for educational courses and programs conducted by non-profit organizations, publicly funded educational institutions or professional associations.

 3.0 Materials not acceptable for posting:

  • Materials that are primarily devoted to the sale, advertising, solicitation or promotion of commercial products or services;
  • Notices of sale of personal items, personal ads, or housing ads;
  • Materials that contravene the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Charter of Rights, the Criminal Code of Canada, federal or provincial laws and regulations, municipal by-laws and/or Timmins Public Library policies;
  • Materials that may be of libelous or defamatory nature;
  • Material that advocates a particular political, religious or philosophic position (political materials may be eligible if announcing meetings and forums for discussion of community issues);
  • Faith-based materials whose primary purpose is the promotion of faith, however events sponsored by local religious groups may be displayed;
  • Petitions, surveys and pledge forms;
  • Materials advertising classes/instruction offered by private individuals or groups as a means of enterprise for profit (i.e. music teachers, exercise classes, dance teachers, tutors, etc.)
  • Contests, unless offered through non-profit or government organizations;
  • Materials that invite participation in medical research, including trials or testing.

4.0 Display Cases (Main Branch only)

  • Display cases may be used by community organizations or government agencies, however priority is given to information about library programs and services;
  • Displays must be of a high standard, readable, attractive, eye-catching and making full use of the available space;
  • The utilization of a display space by any group or individual shall not imply the Library’s endorsement or approval. Each display will have a sign indicating who prepared it and who to contact for information;
  • The display cases do lock; however, the Timmins Public Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the display case are done so at the owner’s risk;
  • Commercial use of the display space is prohibited;
  • Reservations will be booked by library staff for periods of 1 week, and may be made up to 12 months in advance;
  • Groups are responsible for setting up and removing displays on the last day of the reserved period;
  • Users must ensure displays are securely mounted. Should any material become loose or fall down, the group will be contacted to reinforce the display.
  • The Library staff will not provide assistance in setting up or taking down displays, nor will the Library furnish construction paper, tape or other supplies;
  • Failure to remove displays on designated date may result in staff removing the display; any loss or damage is at the owner’s risk;
  • People and organizations using the display cases shall leave it neat, clean, and in orderly condition;
  • Dimensions are:         Case #1 & 4
    • Height: 5’ (152 cm)
    • Width: 5’4” (163 cm)
    • Depth: 4” (10 cm) expanding to 1’7” (48 cm)


Case #3

  • Height: 5’4” (163 cm)
  • Width: 5’ (152 cm)
  • Depth: 1’8” (51 cm) expanding to 2’ (61 cm)


Library management reserves the right to refuse any materials.  Decisions to refuse display or distribution of materials may be appealed and must be made to the Library in writing.



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