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C.M. Shields Centennial Branch

The C.M. Shields Centennial Branch wants to share its Seed Library with you!

How do I get seeds? Members and non-members of the Seed Library in the Timmins area can fill out the Seed Library Application and choose their seeds. Seed Library Application Form

What types of seeds are available? View the Inventory List : Seed Library Inventory
For tips on seed collecting, stowing and storing, click:  Collecting Seeds
For more information call 705-360-2623 x8590 or email

Mission Statement of the Seed Library:

Borrow – grow – harvest – and share!

The Library has many resources for you
to learn how to seed and garden.

What is a Seed Library?

The C.M. Shields Centennial Library is creating a depository of open-pollinated local heirloom seeds.  These seeds will be available to patrons who register for this service.  Patrons will be allowed to “borrow” seeds.  Once the seeds are grown in the garden, borrowers will endeavor to allow a few of these plants to seed.  These seeds will then be harvested and returned to the library to replenish the Seed Library’s stock and for sharing with other members.

Why create a Seed Library?

Seed saving is very important to our community and is significant to the local biodiversity that has been lost over the years.  This practice creates a resilient community that will enable a culture of preserving and sharing of local heirloom seeds with likeminded individuals.

Our Library hopes to:

  • increase our community’s ability to become resilient and self-reliant by creating locally adapted seeds
  • create a culture of sharing
  • help those who cannot afford to buy many seeds
  • help the community to grow their own vegetable, herbs, and flowers
  • help provide resources to be successful gardeners

How to register for the Seed Library?

Your valid library card is all you need to register to be a Seed Library borrower.  Interested individuals can present themselves at the C.M. Shields Centennial Library, fill out the registration form and agree to the Seed Library Terms and Conditions.

 How do I borrow seeds?

Patrons may request packets of seeds by filling out the online form, by emailing or by calling 705-360-2623 x8590. The Library may limit the quantity of seed envelopes at it discretion.

borrow – grow – harvest – and share seeds

Once you have planted and grown your borrowed seeds, we ask that you allow a couple of these plants to go to seed in order to harvest and share these seeds.

How do I seed save?

The library has many gardening books and other books specifically on seed saving.  These resources can be quite helpful in your projects. The Library will also be offering annual “Seed Saving” Workshops to teach members this skill.

Do I have to return seeds?

The C.M. Shields Centennial Library would like to create a renewable and sustainable depository for seeds.  It is with this in mind that we strongly encourage Seed Library users to return seeds that were harvested from borrowed seeds.

When do the seeds need to be returned?

You can return your seeds once your growing and seed saving process is completed.  They can be returned in any package, as long as it is clearly labelled.

Do I have to return the same type of seeds that I borrowed?

Ideally, we hope that you have had success with your garden and have the same seeds to return to the Library.

What if I cannot return seeds?

A number of growing conditions may impact your ability to save and return your seeds.  If you are unable to return any seeds, it would be helpful to hear why and we will factor the information that is provided for future reference.

Does the Library accept seed donations?

We’d also love for the community to supply the Seed Library with other seeds that have been harvested from local gardens.  This could help sustain the Seed Library and provide our users with new seeds to grow and discover.  Please clearly identify your seeds with as much information as you have, for example: Common Name, Variety (if known), Location of harvest, Difficulty of seed to save, Planting information.  Commercial seeds will also be accepted but the premise of local seeds and sustainability is the main purpose of this library.

How is the Seed Library funded?

The Seed Library’s sustainability depends on its members to

borrow – grow – harvest – and share seeds.

This Seed Library is dependent on its members for donations.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved with this project, please contact the Library at


705-360-2623 X8590

Let’s get growing together!