Responsibilities of Membership

Responsibilities of Membership (TPL-CIRC-03)


  • must comply with Library policies (Library Users’ Code of Conduct, Internet Use Policy)
  • must present their Library card or identification each time they borrow materials or use library computers
  • must notify the Library promptly of a change of address or loss of their library card
  • are financially responsible for materials borrowed on their card and for any fines or other fees assessed in accordance with Library policy.  Unsettled accounts will result in the loss of borrowing and Internet privileges and may be referred to a collection agency.

Parents or guardians who register children under 13 years:

  • by signing the membership form, agree to guide their child’s use of the Library, including use of the Internet and choice of reading and listening materials
  • are responsible for the return of all materials borrowed by their children as well as for any charges or loss incurred through the use of their child’s library card
  • must not leave children unsupervised in the Library. (Unattended Children Policy).

Suspension of borrowing privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended when patrons:

  • have fines in excess of $5.00. Privileges will be reinstated when charges are below $5.00
  • fail to return materials or make recompense for the loss or damage of library materials.

Other violations

Violations of the Library Users’ Code of Conduct or the Internet Use Policy may result in suspension of library privileges, exclusion from the Library, as well as prosecution.



TPL-SER-11  Library Users’ Code of Conduct

TPL-SER-07  Internet Use Policy

TPL-CHI-11  Unattended Children Policy


Motion: TPL-15-55

November 24, 2015