Vision Statement

TPL-GEN-02_Vision Statement

The Board’s vision statement describes the future success of the library. By creating a compelling vision, the Board encourages action that moves the library towards a desirable future. This policy ensures that the Board and staff are guided by a clearly articulated vision.

  1. The vision statement is used as a decision-making framework for Board and staff.
  2. All strategic decisions of the Board need to support the vision.
  3. The vision statement is developed by the Board as part of the planning cycle.
  4. The Timmins Public Library’s vision statement must:
  • be futuristic, in that it describes what is not yet true
  • convey a picture of a desirable future
  • be easily understood by people both inside and outside of the library
  • guide the actions of the Board and staff


Approved Vision Statement – June 2018


The Timmins Public Library’s Vision Statement:

To be the community leader in providing resources and knowledge sharing opportunities.