Food and Drink Policy

TPL-SER-13_Food and Drink Policy

Timmins Public Library strives to maintain a pleasant, welcoming and comfortable environment for our public. The Library allows the consumption of snacks and drinks in designated areas with the consideration of preserving our library materials, computer equipment and furniture.

1.0 General guidelines
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with secure lids are permitted in designated areas
  • Snack items that do not disturb others around you are permitted in designated areas
    • cold sandwiches, cold plates, fruit, Granola bars, muffins, etc.
  • Designated areas include:
    • Study rooms
    • Work tables and carrels
    • Lounging chairs
    • Designated tables at CMSL Branch
  • The following food and drinks are not allowed in the library:
    • open drink containers such as mugs or paper cups with no lids
    • hot, messy and/or aromatic foods (pizza, soup, poutine, burgers, etc.)
    • alcoholic drinks
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in certain areas:
    • computer stations
    • computer lab
    • local history alcove (microfilm area)
    • any other area where signs are posted prohibiting food and drinks.
  • Please ensure all areas used are left clean for use by others. Trash must be disposed of in the appropriate garbage or recycling containers.
  • Patrons refusing to follow food and drink guidelines may be subject to further action, up to and including being asked to leave the Library.
2.0  Food at Library Hosted Events
  • On the occasion that food or drink is served, staff will ensure that all food and drink is nut free. Staff will keep labels listing ingredients during the event to answer any questions. The library will not accept homemade contributions for distribution at public events.
  • Parents, teachers and supervisors of young children shall be alerted when food or drink is served at children’s programs. Feel free to decline the offer of any food or drink served.
 3.0  Food Allergies
  • You are responsible for monitoring the consumption of food and drinks by children under your supervision. This includes food and drink that is not served by library staff.
  • If you are caring for children with allergies, remain vigilant. Be aware that the public are allowed to consume snacks and drinks in most areas of the library.
  • As this is a public open space, we cannot guarantee that the library will be nut free; however, we request that patrons refrain from consuming nut products in the children’s room.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available at the circulation desk if you wish to wipe down a table.
  • We strongly recommend hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers.
4.0  Meeting Rooms
  • Rules for food and beverages provided by private groups renting library space are detailed under the Community Use of Meeting Space Policy.


            TPL-SER-09 Community Use of Meeting Space Policy