Community Use of Meeting Spaces

Community Use of Meeting Spaces


Timmins Public Library meeting rooms are available for the general public when not being used for Library purposes. The terms and conditions of use outlined below have been developed to ensure consistent and fair use of the spaces.  All rentals are subject to the terms defined by this policy.

Meeting rooms designated for community space rental are made available to individuals and groups whose primary purpose is the promotion of cultural, educational and community activities, or for the conducting of meetings. Other types of use may be permissible, at the discretion of the Library CEO.


Room bookings are available up to four (4) months in advance. The user will complete and sign the Timmins Public Library Room Rental Contract acknowledging acceptance of the terms and conditions of this policy.

The rooms are available for rentals during regular business hours, excluding closed days and holidays.  Early entry is possible on most days; please inquire at the time of booking.  Bookings should allow sufficient time for set-up and take-down by the users. Please conclude your activity at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

The Timmins Public Library has the sole authority to approve or amend requests to book rooms.  The Library also reserves the right to refuse reservations, limit frequency of use and cancel bookings.  Use may be denied to individuals or groups intending to establish the Library as a permanent location for their activities, including establishing offices in Library meeting rooms.


3.0 Conditions of Use

  1.  Permission to use the facility does not imply any endorsement of the aims, policies or activities of any group or individual. Promotional material must not imply or suggest that the Library is endorsing the program and cannot display the library logo. The Library should appear only as the location of the meeting, and the organization must clearly indicate their names and provide contact information.
  2. All meetings must be conducted in accordance with all Timmins Public Library policies, including the Library Users’ Code of Conduct. Programs and content must not contravene the Criminal Code of Canada or Human Rights legislation.
  3. No games of chance, including bingo and lotteries, are permitted.
  4. Charitable fundraising is not permitted on Library property unless authorized by the Library CEO.
  5. Library personnel must have access to facilities at all times and may attend any event, meeting or course held on Library premises for the purpose of auditing or reviewing compliance with Board policies.
  6. Birthday parties, receptions, weddings, family gatherings and similar social events are not permitted.
  7. Sales of goods are not permitted unless authorized by the Library CEO except for books sold at author readings or book signings.
  8. No smoking, vaping, lighting of candles or burning of any other materials is permitted in the Library or its meeting rooms.
  9. Only light refreshments or luncheons may be served. Drinks with secure lids are permitted. Food and drink are not allowed in the Computer Lab. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Library premises, unless special permission is granted by the Library Board.
  10. The user is responsible for leaving the room in the same condition it was in upon rental and will be billed for any cleaning, repair and/or replacement of any damaged property in the room or on the premises.
  11. All proposed changes to the existing seating arrangement are to be approved by the Library.
  12. Two of the rooms are equipped with an overhead projector and screen. Additional equipment such as an easel, flipchart, Smart TV, speakers, telephone, and multimedia projector with HDMI may be available. (See Appendix B)  Videoconferencing equipment is not provided.

4.0 Fees

The fees for the use of rooms are established in Schedule A.

Room rental fees are waived only for:

  • Library programs, partnerships and co-sponsored programs
  • Library related groups (such as the Timmins Public Library Board, OLS-North, Genealogy Timmins, Porcupine Prospectors & Developers Association, Culture Days)

Final decisions to waive room rental fees rest with the CEO, or his/her designate.

5.0 Payment options

Cash, cheque, invoice or debit/credit on site are accepted.

6.0 Cancellations

A minimum 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations.  Otherwise, the group/individual will be charged the entire rental fee.

7.0 Parking

Metered parking is available in the Library’s parking lot.  Free parking is available after 6 p.m. on weekdays, and on weekends.

8.0 Study Rooms

Two study rooms, which are equipped with a computer, can be booked free of charge for 4 hour blocks and are primarily intended for individual and group study.  Rooms may also be used for small meetings.  Tutors/proctors may book these rooms, but may not post, publish or distribute advertisements or letters indicating the library as their place of business or otherwise imply library sponsorship for their activities.

Study rooms will be held for 30 minutes only.  Please cancel reservations if you cannot come.  Time may be extended, as long as the room remains available.

9.0 Computer Lab

The Computer Lab can be booked free of charge for educational purposes, provided that participants are not charged a fee to attend.


TPL-SER-12 Library Users’ Code of Conduct

Schedule A – Meeting Room Fees
Description Capacity Fee
Tembec Room (Multi-purpose room)* Max. seating capacity: 54

Max. standing capacity: 80

$30.00 – ½ day (up to 4 hours)

$60.00 – full day (any time beyond a ½ day)

Board Room* Max. seating capacity: 16 $30.00 – ½ day (up to 4 hours)

$60.00 – full day (any time beyond a ½ day)

Story Room (Children’s area) Max. seating capacity: 32 $30.00 – ½ day (up to 4 hours)

$60.00 – full day (any time beyond a ½ day)

Study Rooms A & B Max. seating capacity: 6 FREE
Computer Lab 6 computers available FREE
City Departments will be charged a fee of $25.00 per occasion for room rentals

 *These rooms are equipped with an overhead projector and screen

Schedule B – Additional Requirements
Description Fee
Tea/Coffee $20/day
Smart TV $10 – ½ day (up to 4 hours) (In-Library use only)

$20 – full day (any time beyond a ½ day) (In-Library use only)

Multimedia Projector with HDMI $15/day
Easel Included with rental fee, if available.
Flip Chart Included with rental fee, if available.
Speakers Included with rental fee, if available.
Teleconference phone Included with rental fee, if available.


All fees include HST.